“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.” —Aristotle

At the first writing site I volunteered at, one of the staff once said, “Theryn can do anything!” and it’s almost true. I have degrees in biology, education, law, and communication. Let me put my over-education to work for you!

Why me? Besides the aforementioned boatloads of knowledge, I have been a part of the online writing community since 1999 and have built my reputation with writers over the past thirteen years as editor-in-chief of Toasted Cheese. Anyone can claim to be trustworthy, reliable, and talented, but I have the track record to back it up. My number one goal as an editor, always, is to help you make your writing the best it can be.

You’re honest, accurate, and thorough. … You have a gift for editing and you should expect to be compensated for it.

Tonight, I found out why everybody oozes big love about your feedback. … writers will lose out if you can’t figure out a way to implement your talent for critiques into your life long-term. Stephen W. Simpson

I believe in the magic of the collaborative process between writer and editor, that teamwork can transform so-so first drafts into brilliant final ones, that it’s the alchemy of the best writer/editor relationships that results in the finest writing.

I believe writing means rewriting.

I believe the best writing disappears; it gets out of the reader’s way and lets them become fully absorbed in the story. Weak writing draws attention to itself; it puts obstacles in the reader’s path and pulls them out of the story.

Let me help you remove the stumbling blocks from your writing.

  • 13+ years editing experience
  • I honestly love to edit (also, I am awesome at it!)
  • certified teacher
  • ABD in Communication
  • experience with ESL/EAL writers
  • specialties: fiction, narrative nonfiction, academic/scholarly writing

What kind of editing are you looking for? (see TC’s critique codes)

  • First Draft Critique. Focus on the overall story or message (what you are trying to say). Similar to TC’s Discovery Draft or General Critiques.
  • Developmental+Substantive Editing. Focus on both story/message and mechanics of writing (what you are saying and how you are saying it). Similar to TC’s Stark Critique.
  • Line Editing. Focus on writing mechanics, language, and style (how you are telling your story or conveying your message). Similar to TC’s Nit-Picky Critique (aka the critique I was once famous for :twisted:).
  • Copy-editing. For final drafts only.
  • Formatting. Ensure your work meets style requirements (e.g. MLA, APA).
  • Proofreading. Final pass, for work that has already been copy-edited.
  • Transcription. Of dictation, interviews, etc.
  • Ghostwriting? wooooo!