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[A]cknowledge the reality of other people’s feelings. Don’t deny feelings like anger, irritation, fear, or reluctance; instead, articulate the other person’s point of view.  … Experts say that denying bad feelings intensifies them; acknowledging bad feelings allows good feelings to return.

Gretchen Rubin


The blog was process, the book was conclusion

One smart friend who has read both [blog and book] said she thought the blog was process, the book was conclusion. The ideas in the book are presented in a more distilled, thoughtful way, and the book framework allows me to tell longer stories and explain more complicated ideas. I’m able to show how different ideas fit together, which can be tough to do in one blog post. The book goes deeper.

Gretchen Rubin

Dreaded Tasks

Often, I know I’d be happier if I do something I really don’t feel like doing. … Those dreaded tasks hang over my head, though; they make me feel drained and uneasy. I’ve learned that I’m much happier, in the long run, if I try to tackle them as soon as possible, rather than allowing myself to push them off.

Gretchen Rubin

Looking Out the Window

It’s important to have space in which to think. Yesterday, I overheard someone complain, “I left my Blackberry at home, so I was so bored during my cab ride home. I just had to sit there.”

There are few things that I love more than looking out the window of a car, train, or bus. One day, when I was gazing out of a bus window, I was struck by a thought: “What do I want out of life?” “Well,” I thought, “I want to be happy.” … If I’d been checking my emails, I might never have had the idea for the happiness project.

Gretchen Rubin