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Day 20

34,034 / 50,000

First word: He

Last word: issued

Random sentence: He went back to the window and started sketching the scene across the street.

Day 19

32,316 / 50,000

First word: Calle

Last word: lightening

Random sentence: My shrink explained it’s kind of like if when your computer crashes and you restore the memory, you lose everything you did after your last backup.

Day 18

30,731 / 50,000

First word: I

Last word: Honest

Random sentence: She led him through the gloom of the foyer, up a regular set of stairs to a landing, and then through a skinny door and up a narrow set of stairs to the attic.

Day 17

29,011 / 50,000

First word: Laurelyn

Last word: morning

Random sentence: Telling someone they have high blood pressure and they need to get on medication, stop smoking, and lose some weight will undoubtedly prolong their life, but it hardly has the same impact as seeing someone come in looking like a tenderized steak and walk out looking like a semblance of a normal human being.

Day 16

27,260 / 50,000

First word: I’m

Last word: inviting

Random sentence: He bolted through the sliding doors, outside into air that smelled alive, not pickled.

Day 15

Halfway there!

(eep! Halfway through the month. eeeee!)

25,542 / 50,000

First word: He

Last word: too

Random sentence: “Well, if it isn’t Jonah fucking Elliott, back from the dead.”

Day 14

23,874 / 50,000

First word: He

Last word: gasped

Random sentence: He’d been wearing it like a medal of honor, one awarded for being wounded, for years now.

Day 13

22,197 / 50,000

First word: He

Last word: rang

Random sentence: But unlike shirt choice, which seemed so arbitrary, and therefore, so confusing, this decision had felt right and clear.

Day 12

20,461 / 50,000

First word: He

Last word: questions

Random sentence: But most of the time he felt that love, the kind people wrote books and songs about, was lost to him, that when the surgeons put his head back together, his ability to love, the whole emotion, had been lying on the pavement in a pool of his blood.

Day 11

18,754 / 50,000

First word: Jonah

Last word: movie

Random sentence: He picked up the glass of milk his mom had left for him off the table and poured it into the sink.