Okay, so Aunt Elizabeth’s lovechild was stillborn. End of that story, I suppose.

Ilsa married Monty & had a child. Later, she had a miscarriage, so no more kids for them. Silver married Monty’s brother, Eddie, and had 3 kids. Monty’s twin, Violetta had already married Cousin Anna’s son, Dolph. She had a miscarriage, so no kids for them. Apparently Miss M was under the impression that if one had a miscarriage, one could no longer have children.

Meanwhile, Henry was in Paris. He was gone for 8 years, through the war and after. Maybe he was hanging with Scott, Ernest, Gertrude & Ford Madox Ford. >ahem< He was supposed to be going to school & studying violin, but he was a dissipated youth, and instead took his monthly installment from daddy and spent it on the usual: wine, women, and song. Specifically, he hooked up with a distant cousin who was a nightclub singer & pawned his violin to buy her prezzies. He has a pleasant enough time with her, but naturally, he can’t get Ilsa out of his head.

So he comes home & his father’s all disappointed in him and people are variously changed and not. Monty’s letting his father’s law practice rot because he doesn’t like to work. Eddie OTOH is working his ass off. Dolph is bald. Ilsa & Monty’s marriage is unhappy, but there’s a spark between them and Henry thinks they would be happier if Ilsa was Monty’s mistress instead of his wife. They all seem kind of old & tired, but by my calculations, none of them are yet 30.

Oh yeah, and Ilsa’s going blind. They haven’t actually figured this out yet, but it will happen. Unless she dies (cough! cough! thud!) beforehand. Hee! It’s all quite melodramatic and dare I say, soapy.