Nano update

So I actually registered for NaNo. My username is yeah but (original, I know) if anyone is looking for me. Not that I’ve posted anything there yet. The forums (especially the YA boards) seem to be dominated by teens & sf/f writers and I haven’t really found a happy niche. I looked at lit fic and it’s mostly “what’s lit fic?” or “how do I know if my novel is lit fic?” so that’s not terribly inspiring. So mostly I check out the local board. They’re planning a get-together: bowling. Hrm.

I was going to say something else, but I forget. Oh, yeah. After the first “chapter” of the NaNo, I’ll probably filter the entries. I have a TC filter for actual writing, as opposed to blithering about writing. If you’re already on my friends list, you’re already added. Anyone else, just ask. If you don’t have a lj, well, then you have a little problem, don’t ya?

Anyhow, I think I’m set for this thing. I’m registered. I don’t plan to do any more in the way of outlining. I scheduled in writing time for every day in November. My earliest class is 10:30 T/Th, so I really should be able to manage an hour in the morning. It’s not like it means getting up godawful early or anything. Seriously, if I wrote instead of reading blogs & visiting TWoP, I’d be done already 😉 So no blogreading or TWoP-visiting until I’ve finished my quota for the day. (Yeah, I say that now…)