Actual Content

So I’ve made my word count so far, but it’s taking more hours that I planned. I’m hoping it’ll speed up once I get more into the story.

Anyhow. During my daily blog-reading (read: procrastination), I ran across this:

[Japanese author Haruki] Murakami believes the first step toward successful writing is proper physical fitness.

“First train your body. Then, your writing style will follow,” the author said, is a mantra by which he lives. Murakami has run the Boston Marathon six times and will run his 34th marathon this weekend.

“I realized that I needed physical strength [to focus on writing for long periods] and that strength helped to develop my writing style,” he said.

I’d like to believe that.

Went for a run last night. When I started, it was just drizzling, but it picked up just after I reached my turn-around point. And then–whoosh–it was sheeting down. The light was crazy with headlights bouncing off all that water. My shoes felt all spongey. Squish, squish, crunch through the leaves. And my (bright yellow reflective) jacket plastered itself to me. Was all good, though. I’d warmed up by that time, and it wasn’t cold, just wet. Plus I felt really energetic right from the beginning. I think part of it is the abrupt change from running in the daylight to running in the dark. It’s a different experience. Makes me feel all dedicated and stuff. 😉

I love November.