I know (most) politicians are asshats, but this takes the cake.

I guess I have to post about the asshat who is David Emerson.

Okay, so here’s the scoop: two weeks ago we had a federal election. Emerson ran for the Liberals and won his seat. The Conservatives, however, won the election (albeit a minority government).

So apparently Asshat Emerson gets a call from Asshat Harper, our new PM, the gist being that he’ll get a cabinet post if he defects. Asshat Emerson thinks “What a great idea! More $$$$$ for me!” and does it. (Oh, come on, of course that’s what he was thinking. Well, mayhap power/prestige came into it a little.)

The former Liberal industry minister said … he’s been unjustly accused of rank opportunism for switching sides just days after an election campaign where he led the Liberal charge against the Tories in British Columbia.

(Unjustly accused. *boggle* I’ve never seen a more obvious case of rank opportunism.)

So on Monday, when the new cabinet is announced this all comes out and people–especially those who voted for him, worked on his campaign, etc.–are outraged. Well, duh. Except Asshat Emerson is all “Why are people mad? I didn’t expect this.”

Emerson said he was unprepared for the reaction in his home town to what seemed to him a logical move aimed at helping his province.

Dude, I’ll explain it to you. For TWO MONTHS you campaigned as a member of the Liberal party. TWO WEEKS AGO you won your seat based on the fact that you were a LIBERAL. You would not have won if you were not running as a Liberal. Yes, it’s true that certain people have a personal popularity that transcends partisanship. I don’t think you are one of them.

To say something like this shows that you don’t understand our political system at all. In Canada we get ONE VOTE. When we vote for our local representative, we are endorsing the party they represent and by extension the leader of that party, who will become the Prime Minister should the party win. Thus, the PARTY you represent is integral to voters’ decisions whether to vote for you.

80% of the people in your riding voted either Liberal or NDP. The Conservatives were a distant third with 18% of the vote. Do you not understand what this means? PEOPLE IN YOUR RIDING DO NOT ENDORSE THE CONSERVATIVE AGENDA.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so gobsmacked by a politician’s actions. How anyone could think this was okay is beyond me. This is not a case of a person sitting for a while (years perhaps) and then coming into conflict with their party’s agenda and either becoming an independent or switching to another party on a matter of principle. Oh no. In fact, Asshat Emerson says he would still be a Liberal had they won. WTF?!

I’ve never been a fan of recall, but damn, I hope they recall your ass.

(And let’s not forget the fact that Asshat Harper made this offer in the first place makes him a first class idiot. Don’t forget that come next election.)