Vacation Part 2

Tourist in Our Own “Hometown”

Hiked the Grouse Grind. Time: 1:32. This is the view from the top:


The big white blob in the top center is BC Place.

If you go: bring a fleece (it’s cold at the top) and money for the gondola down ($5) and the coffee bar. The latte and brownie (mmm) at the top were definitely a highlight of this adventure.


When we were in elementary school, all BC schoolkids got PNE tickets in their end-of-year report cards. Despite this, neither of us had ever been to the PNE until last year (!). This year, we were veterans. We toured the prize home, checked out the farm animals, and watched the SuperDogs show. And, of course, we ate donuts (1 bag plain, 1 bag cinnamon sugar):

Those Little Donuts

and rode the wooden coaster:

Wooden Coaster

This coaster is literally throws you out of your seat. It’s wicked!


Walked to the end of the Iona Jetty (4K each way):

Iona Jetty

Iona is close to the airport (YVR) so you can watch planes taking off and landing, as well as marine traffic, birds, etc. There were some crazy fish jumping out of the water while we were there.


“Braved” the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge:

Lynn Canyon

Just before I took this photo, a guy slid down the waterfall. Ouch.

Unlike the Capilano Suspension Bridge, this one is free! Parking is also free! As you might suspect, free means it’s uber-popular, so you might not want to go on a long weekend like we did 😉 Would be a good place to take out-of-town visitors.

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