November Photo Project Wrap-Up

Most popular, according to views:

  • 11 (Poppy) – 14 views
  • 1 (Maple Leaves) & 12 (Chocolate Chip Cookies) – 11 views
  • 8 (Running Shoes) – 10 views

Don’t ask me why the shoes were so popular.

My favorite, I think, is 10 (Pomegranate). I also really like 2 (Vancouver Public Library), but it’s not as crisp as I would like. I’ll have to try that one again.

My least favorite is 13 (Domino). Clearly I was desperate for subject matter that day.

The Set.

It was a good exercise. What shall I do next? Hmm…

3 thoughts on “November Photo Project Wrap-Up

  1. Deoris

    Well, I loved pomegrante and library too. I enjoyed the entire series, quite frankly. I think you should continue…maybe do people in December?

  2. Theryn Post author

    Yay, comments from people-who-are-not-Eden! 😉 Thanks, y’all. I’m thinking about continuing in some fashion. But first, I have a SnarkZone to finish.

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