5, er 10, Reasons Why I Blog

  1. For my #1 Fan.
  2. Writing posts is more productive (for a writer) than endlessly tweaking site design (which is what I mostly did with my old Web 1.0 website).
  3. I’m optimistic that this blog is more interesting than the aforementioned old website.
  4. Even sporadic journal entries add up over time. Who knows? It might turn into… something. Or not. As the case may be. It’s the possibility that’s intriguing.
  5. It encourages me to write more than I would otherwise.
  6. It’s good practice for figuring out what I am and am not comfortable writing about.
  7. It’s satisfying to keep track of the books I read and taking photos of the food I make entertains me. (The flower photos are an homage to Georgia O’Keeffe and Imogen Cunningham.)
  8. It’s far easier to write one interesting blog entry than it is to write 5 or 6 interesting emails. So if I owe you an email, here’s something for you to read whilst I procrastinate.
  9. People (relatives) who don’t know me that well (read: at all) could perhaps get to know me better should they ever express a desire to do so.
  10. I’m writing my thesis on blogging, so I’d be a big ignoramus/hypocrite if I did not have one myself. 😀

Inspired by Erin & Debbie.