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Since my thesis was on blogging, it seems apropos to announce on my (oft-neglected) blog that I successfully defended it yesterday. w00t! Finally.

Final title: Works-in-Progress: An Analysis of Canadian Mommyblogs. It ended up being less about the medium (my original plan) and more about the content, partly because the content was interesting in itself, and partly because gah! blogs are hard to write about! I probably should have written it in WordPress, rather than Word. Of course, then the challenge would have been getting anyone to read it. Oooh! I could have forced everyone to subscribe to it in Bloglines! Hahaha. So now I’m coming up with the brilliant ideas. Hmm, I wonder if anyone has done that. Now, that would be creative…

Anyhow, a few more details to wrap up, and then I’m taking the rest of the fall off. I’ll be starting my PhD in January (last degree, I promise), but in the meantime, I plan to read novels! write something fun! (NaNo?) and go outside! (But of course I jest! I’ve been outside recently! Wait… what’s this wet discharge dripping from the sky called again?)


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