I woke up yesterday morning to find my thesis had its own twitter hashtag.

I’m not going to launch into a defense. Readers are free to think my writing is crap, skim it, interpret it differently than I intended, etc. That’s the nature of writing. I just wanted to acknowledge that I’ve seen the reaction.

On the bright side (!), more people probably read my thesis yesterday than read most people’s theses ever 😉

11 thoughts on “#creepythesis

  1. trudyj65

    Ain’t that the truth. Many’s the time during this discussion I thought of my own thesis, quietly gathering dust on the shelf, and wondered, “How many Masters theses ever generate this level of discussion and debate?”

  2. Heather Cook

    Hi! I loved the thesis and didn’t find it creepy at all! I wish I’d known before a google alert lead me to another “subject’s” blog. 🙂

    Very analytical and unbiased, I loved it!

  3. Heather Cook

    I see Stephanie didn’t read your thesis … re: the comment about not being surprised by a woman’s reaction that she’d been “studied” without her knowledge.

    1. Theryn Post author

      fwiw, and so no one takes the comment the wrong way, I believe Steph was referring to the topic (as in mommyblogging), not to any particular person. (Steph’s a mommyblogger herself, btw.)

    1. Theryn Post author

      I know! No one I know has read mine, either. (The most I thought people would do was read the abstract and the acknowledgments!)

      Thanks for your post, btw. It was much appreciated in the midst of the twitterstorm.

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