Somebody Somewhere

I just love this story:

[O]ne week ago today, when the snow was thick and the sky was gray (again), I received the loveliest surprise:  an email from a woman who’d been on the editorial staff at Quarterly West 15 years ago, when QW published my little flash piece, “In Theory.”

Currently teaching college workshops in creative writing, she wrote:  “I have managed to always keep a copy of that issue close-by so as to teach it, but somewhere in one of my moves, I misplaced my copy.”   She wondered if I had a spare I could send.

Who knew?  You see, you might think your work falls into a pool and just lies at the dark bottom of the pond like littering leaves, rotting away, but somebody somewhere might have been teaching it for 15 years!  You just gotta keep the faith.

Joy Castro