A certain number of miles that we needed to cover

When I was a kid, my parents were huge fans of The Road Trip. … In [my and my sister’s] view, there was nothing quite so boring as looking out the window of a speeding car, just to see a blur.  The worst part was that my father never took meandering trips anywhere, or trips filled with plentiful stops to do child-friendly activities in quaint local towns that my sister and I might find entertaining.  Oh no, there was a certain number of miles that we needed to cover each day, and by God, come hell or high water, Dad was going to make that number. “Look, kids!  Sea World!” he’d exclaim, as we sped by.  And then, when we’d get to our destination to spend a day or so, the main point of interest on our itinerary, the place where he’d want us to spend hours of our time, was usually somewhere like … Yale University.

Karen Walrond

omg, hilarious! This had to be the quote of the day. We never went to Yale, mind you, but we did once go to the University of Saskatchewan. (To be fair, we also went to Sea World. 😉 But there were always miles to go before we slept…)