What Happened to my Cinnamon Bun?

J picked up cinnamon buns on his way home from the pool on Saturday. When I opened the box, I gaped in astonishment. (Really, I did! Then I ran to grab my camera.)

Bun #1 looked like this:

Cinnamon Bun #1

This is straight out of the box, placed as-is on plate. It looked like it was half-eaten. I don’t think it actually was, mind you, I think it was just mangled on its removal from the pan. Still! What would possess someone to place that mangled half-bun in a box and sell it as if it were a full bun?!

Fortunately, Bun #2 was perfect, so I can show you what they usually look like. Yum!

Cinnamon Bun #2

These cinnamon buns are delicious, btw. The worst part of the mangled half-bun was not its appearance; it was the loss of half the cinnamon bun goodness!