Weekend: Dragon Boats & Chicken Satay

Checked out the Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday and took some photos around False Creek. The sun came out and reminded us why it’s great to be a Vancouverite.

Dragon Boat Festival

This looks like a drawing (I mean, “architectural rendering” ;-)) to me. Anyone else?

Dragon Boat Festival

Here’s the Slideshow.

And then I made Chicken Satay (which, heh, I guess is kind of a theme, albeit unintentional):

Chicken Satay

Check out that presentation. Bed of lettuce! Grill marks!

I used this recipe from Rasa Malaysia for the marinade, and it was delicious.

To be honest, I made a few substitutions because I just used what I had on hand. Regardless, it still tasted fantastic. But I think I’ll stock up on the missing ingredients for next time (and there will be a next time).


  • dried lemongrass (in lieu of fresh)
  • scallions (in lieu of shallots)
  • molasses (in lieu of kecap manis)
  • fish sauce (in lieu of oyster sauce)

I’d like to thank the interwebs for the suggestion of molasses. I do think it was the molasses (sweet, thick) / fish sauce (salty) combination that made the subs work here.