Maintain a Queue

To use an analogy from running, blogging is the daily training that prepares me for my “races.”

I gave up feeding the blog on a real-time, everyday basis a couple of years ago. … I maintain a queue of roughly 50-100 posts at all times, scheduling the less time-sensitive material at leisure and prioritizing the faster-moving stuff. That way I never get up in the morning dreading the task of tackling the blog. When so moved, I still write in real time, but I make that decision, not the blog. As soon as the blog stopped owning me, I finally began to master the blog form.

Thomas P.M. Barnett

So that’s the secret. Huh.

Now, if only I were that organized… 😉

Seriously, a queue of 5-10 posts, I could see. But 50-100 posts?! Dude.