UVic – Cunningham Building

The Cunningham, aka Biology, Building at UVic:

Cunningham Building

Opened by my friend’s grampa (six degrees & all that ;-)):

Cunningham Building

This was the BUGS (Biology Under Grad Society) “Lounge.” Yes, it’s a wide space in the hallway. It used to have couches and stuff, though. But the whole building appears to be undergoing renovation. It was pretty empty, except for a few scattered chairs and tables…

BUGS "Lounge"

…and this:


I don’t know if this will survive the renovation, but it cracked me up to see that it was still there. I made that sign (if you can call it that) when I was BUGS Social Coordinator.

In 1990-91.

Yes, folks, my most enduring legacy in this world is a “sign” I whipped off one night while in my “all I draw is homages to Calvin & Hobbes” phase.