SVHM 2011

Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon 2011

My 5th half-marathon & I finally achieved the time goal I’d been shooting for since my first (2hrs 15min)! *happy dance* Redeemed myself after last October’s running-while-injured PW 😉 So now I need a new goal. I’m thinking 2:10 or 2:11. I was on track for that up until 15-16k, so I now know it’s doable. I didn’t do any runs longer than that this spring (just trying something different—I know a lot of people max out at ~10 miles in training), so I just got tired at the end. Also the Burrard Bridge at 18k is eeeeevil.

This is an awesome race if you’re looking for one to do. It’s point-to-point, UBC to Stanley Park. Net downhill, but keep in mind most of that is in the 1st half; 2nd half is bit rolling. Plus, you know, the bridge. Anyhow, very scenic and this year, the weather was perfect. No guarantees on that, though. Previous time I did it, it poured buckets of rain the entire time.