10 Things that Happened in 2011

  1. Toasted Cheese celebrated its 10th anniversary on January 18.
  2. I took up crocheting.
  3. I revived the Friday FUM. (You’re welcome to join us each Friday; no registration is required.)
  4. I ran a half-marathon in 2:15, a personal best and my forever goal time. (Now I need a new goal!)
  5. I stopped using shampoo (and much to my surprise, my hair thanks me).
  6. All the late ’80s/early ’90s clothing items I had squirreled away transitioned from old to “vintage.” One day I realized I was wearing 3 of these items at once:
    Vintage 1
    And then I saw this photo at The Sartorialist and realized if the jean jacket/long sweater/Doc Martens/(beaver) hat look is in, I’m all set:
    Vintage 2
  7. I successfully completed my comprehensive exams.
  8. I instigated a mini-NaNo challenge at TC in September—and “won.” (Maybe we’ll make it an annual thing?)
  9. I wrote 3 articles (Running a Literary Journal, Part 1: Choices, Mentor March: Writers Who Inspire Us, A Guide to Designing Assignments that Require Students to Submit their Work for Publication) & 2 editorials (Bounce, Outside In) for TC.
  10. My core & arm strength noticeably improved thanks to 3x/week yoga practice. (I might even be able to defeat the dreaded flexed arm hang now :))

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