Project 366 – Week 4

Sunday afternoon
post-run Mad Men marathon
blanket, tea and snacks

it seems like there must
be an easier way but
maybe there isn’t

another poem re:
the weather. what can I say?
it’s raining sideways

must write a haiku
before I crawl into bed
how very meta

26/366 brought to you by Phoebe (mew)
I told you, human
Friskies is so delicious
I eat it all up

I run like the wind
in my imagination
feet skimming the ground

dear sidewalk hogs: move.
I am not invisible.
stop being assholes


3 thoughts on “Project 366 – Week 4

  1. kingmidget

    Day 28 … I feel your pain. It’s amazing how rude people are these days. Particularly, when it’s a group of people walking together, spanning a walkway or path and none of them move to let by somebody going in the opposite direction.

    1. Theryn Post author

      Exactly! I wondered if it was just a Vancouver thing, but I guess not. And if you say something about moving over, they give you this blank look like you just asked them to jump off a building. Move over? Why would I do that?!

      1. kingmidget

        I’m constantly moving out of the way and saying “excuse me” as I do and, more often than not what I get in response, is a dark look, like I’ve somehow offended them by being polite.

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