Project 366 – Week 21

people partying
in the rain on Sunday night
it’s May long weekend

spring greens glow, backlit
against layers of slate gray
clouds weighted by rain

tasks half-finished are
so unsatisfying; can’t
cross them off my list

early morning line
snakes outside Service Canada
waiting patiently

light a fire under
me. kick me, push me under
fire. set me alight.

fresh crusty baguette
peppery brie, chilled glass of

my new neighbor is
hacking up a lung again
smoking for the win

2 thoughts on “Project 366 – Week 21

  1. kingmidget

    142 … very evocative. Or, at least I think that’s word I mean.
    145 … let me know when that fire gets lit and you don’t need it anymore.
    146 … excellent
    147 … love the last line

    1. Theryn Post author

      142 thanks, I worked on that one 🙂
      145 must. stop. procrastinating… 😉
      146 it was delicious!
      147 not sure if haiku is supposed to employ sarcasm but I couldn’t resist.

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