The Real Fear isn’t Rejection

There are some great quotes in this Ray Bradbury profile:

The time we have alone, the time we have in walking, the time we have in riding a bicycle, is the most important time for a writer. Escaping from the typewriter is part of the creative process. You have to give a subconscious time to think. Real thinking always occurs on the subconscious level.

Note to self: go for a run.

If there were three of me, I could keep us all busy. Painting fulfills a need to be non-intellectual. There are times when we have to get our brains out in our fingers. After a good day of writing, I feel like I’ve been for a long hike in another world and painting helps me relax.

Don’t you just love “we have to get our brains out in our fingers”?

I worry about rejection, but not too much. The real fear isn’t rejection, but that there won’t be enough time in your life to write all the stories you have in you. So every time I put a new one in the mail, I know I’ve beaten death again.

This is going in my FEAR! article.

It’s quite wonderful to see writing treated as a legitimate occupation, not a “tedious delusion” (TM Marge Piercy), though it may make you long for the days when a writer’s work was done when s/he put the story in the (snail) mail.  lol.