Better when it’s “social”?

“We think almost every product is better when you can experience it with the people you care about so over time we expect almost all of these products should naturally become social.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Whether or not you think almost every product — TVs, cars, pets, refrigerators, running shoes — is better when it’s “social,” will probably determine your gut feeling about Facebook’s long-term prospects.

Alexis Madrigal


2 thoughts on “Better when it’s “social”?

  1. kingmidget

    As far as I’m concerned, much of what Facebook does is take the “real” social out of our lives. Rather than being with the people we’re with, we’re posting pictures and check-ins to FB, texting with people who aren’t with us, and sitting on our recliners, laptop in lap, blogging, instead of interacting with our friends and family. I, by the way, don’t know anybody who fits that last description.
    Sharing with the universe doesn’t actually make people more social, it makes them less social — what all these tech gurus don’t understand. I wonder if it can be explained by the fact that many techies are somewhere on the Asperger’s scale of social dysfunction. They can’t interact well in person so they’ve devised these “products” that allow for a different form of interaction.

    1. Theryn Post author

      I always think of the Seinfeld bit about answering machines at the beginning of the Bubble Boy episode (which I stumbled across the other night and had to watch). I’m obviously not the only one since someone has put it on YouTube with the title “Facebook in ’90s (Seinfeld)” (hee).

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