Fall 2012 – Week 3

What I did this week:

  • Dissertation is officially started 12/09/17!
  • Figured out how to set up template that will work across multiple platforms (within Scrivener + transfer to spreadsheet to make tables later on).
  • Started creating said template, using first author and book as a prototypes.
  • Filled in author 1’s info.
  • Filled in book 1’s quantitative info.
  • Realized scrap paper will be useful. Math ftw.
  • Scanned 15/~100 chapters (searchable pdf, esp. for analyzing sample page).
  • Printed 10/~100 chapters (paper copy to write on for qualitative analysis). Started binder to keep these in. Found set of alphabet tab dividers. /nerd
  • Downloaded a couple programs to analyze word frequency to try (Reckoning & Text Master). Tested these out.
  • Printed full list of books (to take with me to the library).