Fall 2012 – Week 5

What I did this week:

  • Updated Goodreads & Worldcat lists.
  • Completed 10 author bios.
  • Continued refining biography template and dissertation project.
  • Already I can see some variation in level of social media participation, join dates, etc. so that’s good. Means there will be something to compare.
  • I follow Scrivener on Twitter and I happened to see a tweet about displaying images in the corkboard instead of the index card—great tip! Started adding author photos for the author pages + book covers for the book pages.
  • Was thinking about possible differences in m/f use of social media/blogging and that might be an area to explore.

I’m loving using Scrivener for this. I feel so organized because everything is in one project rather than scattered all over the place. Also, I’ve set up my templates for data compilation as appendixes, so when I’m done compiling data, my appendixes will be done. I feel like I’m actually making progress on a daily basis (just do a little bit each day) and thinking of how much work I won’t have to do later makes me happy 🙂

Here’s what it looks like so far:

Dissertation Screenshot 12-10-07