Fall 2012 – Week 6

What I did this1 week:

  • Scanned 6 chapters.
  • Printed 6 chapters, holepunched, added to binder.
  • Completed 4 author biographies.
  • Set up templates for all the books I currently have (22) + 2nd books for some of the authors (4).
  • Worked on pruning book list (down to 170 from 220 — aiming for ~100).
  • Partially filled in chapter data for 1 book.

Trying not to feel discouraged about how long it’s going to take to compile all the book data. My plan is to do about 100 books, ~10 for each of the 10 years. That seems like a good sample size, but ack, right now it feels like it’s going to take forever. It won’t, but… Oh well, if I just keep doing a little each day, I’ll get there eventually, right?

Timely post from this morning: Just one thing.

1Technically, last week, I know. Didn’t get around to posting on the weekend.