Fall 2012 – Week 7

What I did this week:

  • Partially filled in book data for 9 books. I’ve decided to fill in just the part that requires the whole book to start. Once I get that done for all the books, I’ll do the more detailed chapter analysis. (Benefits: I’ll feel like I’m making more progress, I’ll get a big picture overview of the whole project before getting into the details, and when I’m done with the books themselves, I can go work anywhere.)
  • Figured out a much faster way to do the length-of-chapters section (yay for streamlining). Added this to methods section (which I’m trying to work on as I go).
  • Finally, I’m trying to quash the urge to read all 100 books right. now. I will never finish in a year if I do that :-/ Sorry, books.