1. Facebook. My friend Jane, a comedy writer in Los Angeles, had been married for 22 years when her husband David abruptly left her and flew to New York. He said he was having a crisis and needed time to think. It turned out that his crisis was a rekindled relationship with his high school girlfriend with whom he had reconnected on Facebook. Jane’s first knowledge of all this was when she noticed his Facebook status suddenly change from “married” to “engaged”. In the flush of newfound romance, Davis simply skipped that that pesky middle “not in a relationship” or “divorced” step, and went right to remarriage — without informing his current wife.

—from “Top 5 Worst Ways To Find Out
Your Ex Is Getting Remarried

In case you’re wondering if I’m ever tempted to join FB, the answer would be no.

*Imagine this said like Jerry says “Newman!” on Seinfeld.