Spring 2013 – Week 0

What I did this week:

  • Planning (aka making lists).
  • Cleared out sfu inbox.
  • Printed out list of books for library run.
  • Took out 7 more books for analysis (bringing total to 58).
  • Trekked up the mountain to the library for intro/lit review books. Eliminated some immediately (getting ruthless); brought home 13.
  • Did some thinking about intro/lit review organization. Think I’ll focus on: 1) book as object vs. book as words; 2) effect of digital shift on brain/reading; 3) effect of collaboration on writing. These seem to be the areas that come up most frequently in the “hell in a handbasket” articles.
  • Updated Goodreads lists.

This was a kind of bonus week (hence week 0). The spring semester actually started today.