Spring 2013 – Week 2

What I did this week:

  • Returned books to VPL + took out 11 more.
  • Went to downtown uni library + took out 8 books.
  • Updated Goodreads lists.
  • Uupdated paper lists.
  • Updated spreadsheet + Scrivener project.
  • Requested 6 books.
  • Skimmed ebooks; pared list; identified chapters to read.
  • Updated WorldCat lists.
  • More thinking/notetaking on my three categories. Broke lit review into three sections.
  • Arranged book references into those 3 categories.
  • Started identifying keywords/subjects (b/c it’s always best to do the last thing you need to do first!)
  • Skimmed pbooks; identified chapters to read.
  • Paid tuition.
  • Organized non-book references into the three magic categories.
  • Some of the books I requested came in; picked them up + returned a couple others.

Am super happy with my categories for a couple reasons: 1) realized how well they incorporate all aspects of my past education, and seeing as this is the capstone, that is an interdisciplinarian win.  2) when I sorted out my ref books into the 3 “piles” the three ended up about even–which tells me I’m on the right track.