Potatoes + Eggs

So this has become my go-to meal when I don’t feel like cooking or it’s too late to make anything complicated or I’m at that “I need to go grocery shopping” stage. It was inspired by the photos in this post, but I hadn’t taken a picture of my (not-so-fancy) version until now. Double yolk egg! Had to take a photo of that:

Potatoes + Eggs

And then… what? The very next time I made it… another double yolk? Yes, two double yolks in the same carton of eggs, and weirdly they both end up in this meal, in the same place in the pan. Insert spooky music.

Potatoes + Eggs   Potatoes + Eggs

Potatoes + Eggs

Better photos the second time, I think. So anyway, here’s the recipe. Why do you need a recipe for such a simple meal? Well, I think I’ve tried every conceivable method possible for making home fries + fried eggs, but this way? They turn out perfect every. single. time. Also: zero mess. Win.

cast iron pan
olive oil
1 russet potato
2 eggs
salt + pepper

Preheat oven to 400*F. Chop russet potato (it must be a russet! skin on!)  into cubes. Pre-cook in microwave until pokeable with a fork. Scoop potato cubes into cast iron pan (yes! it must be cast iron!) and drizzle with olive oil (not too much, just… enough). Toss  the cubes around in the pan until they’re all coated in oil (la la la). Place in oven. Wait. Ok, gotta tell ya. I don’t time this. I go by smell. When you start to smell the potatoes cooking, take them out and give them a toss. Back into the oven. Wait some more. When the potatoes start to smell done, take them out and push them over to one side of the pan. Crack your eggs into the pan. They will half-cook when they hit the hot pan. Stick the pan back in the oven. This last step will only take a few minutes, so pay attention (unless you like hard yolks, in which case, wander off!). Otherwise, leave the eggs in the oven just until the whites set and then you’re done. Season to taste. Personally I’m a bit obsessed with hot sauce (currently the ubiquitous rooster sauce), so that’s a must, but ymmv. I’ve spared you the ‘after sriracha’ photo, since it looks a bit like a crime scene. Oh, right. The best part is that you eat it right out of the pan. No dishes! Just don’t forget to use oven mitts when you’re carrying it to the table 🙂


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  1. kingmidget

    Best type of recipe. Little of this, little of that, check for the smell and the look.

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