Spring 2013 – Weeks 14 + 15

What I did this week:

  • Read/skimmed + took notes on 3 lit review pbooks. Eliminated one. (DONE! with print books, anyway)
  • Polished up overview tables + inserted into project.
  • Updated lists.
  • Backed up project.
  • Returned all-but-one SFU books (kept the one on coding).
  • Read 3 + took notes on 2 ebooks.
  • Page 69 data (converted all 112 to words-only + did word-count analysis).
  • Worked on revising title. (Yes, this is important b/c I had another mini-breakthrough re: focus. It’s an ecology, not a history. Which, forehead slap. But you know. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.) Getting happier with sub-title. Still in need of linkbait main title 😉

Worth mentioning, because it’s on-topic. Maybe it’s because I’m a visual-kinesthetic learner, but it’s so, so satisfying to see library books move from ‘unread’ stack to ‘read’ stack and then exit the house! I’ll miss that feeling as I move onto the remainder of my reading (pdfs of articles — more convenient, but not nearly as satisfying).