The Wisdom of George

Last night I happened to stumble across the first episode of Seinfeld. You know, the one where Jerry wears red sweatpants and there’s no Elaine. Anyway. Jerry and George are nattering away, as they do, and what do I hear George say?

JERRY: Yeah, OK. Oh, wait a second. Oh, I, I forgot to clean the bathroom.

GEORGE: So what? That’s good.

JERRY: Now, how could that be good?

GEORGE: Because filth is good… Whatta you think: rock stars have sponges and ammonia lyin’ around the bathroom? They, they have a woman comin’ over: “I’ve gotta tidy up?” Yeah right, in these matters you never do what your instincts tell you. Always, ALWAYS do the opposite.

JERRY: This is how you operate?

GEORGE: Yeah, I wish.

The Opposite! In the very first episode. It’s a sign, right? 😉


2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of George

  1. kingmidget

    Hmmm … how do I do this? The opposite of how I would typically respond? When I get my head wrapped around that, I’ll be back. Don’t wait up.

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