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Creepy by definition

So what? These are not private sites, anybody can read them.  —gloeden31


How is this #creepy? If one wants to discuss skin issues openly, one should be more than happy to have a skin-issue company actually observe the discussion.  —EthanPeter

@EthanPeter: Because reading blogs is creepy by definition. —skahammer


How DARE they view information that I posted publicly for anyone to read.

THIS is an outrage! —LUV_TRUK


Comments in response to a Gawker post titled
Unilever Is Listening to You Talk About Your Skin Problems.”

Read More Books Than Blogs

This is an ad (for a T-shirt co.), but it’s funny & apropos, right? Looks like it’s been making the rounds for a while but this is the first time I’ve seen it.

Via Bookshelf Porn

[hey, no more fugly blue photo border! thumbs up, WP.]