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Read More Books Than Blogs

This is an ad (for a T-shirt co.), but it’s funny & apropos, right? Looks like it’s been making the rounds for a while but this is the first time I’ve seen it.

Via Bookshelf Porn

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(Not the restaurant chain.)

I haven’t been very good at marking milestones of late. But apparently it’ll make me happier if I do, so what the hey… I picked up my diploma on Monday. Only 4 months after my degree was official, 8 months after I deposited my thesis, 9 months after I defended, and 11 months after I actually finished writing it. Needless to say, after all that waiting, it was a little anti-climactic (Fall is officially the worst semester* to finish if you want closure!). Hence skipping convocation—well, that and a) I’ve been to enough graduations; I know the drill b) we went up to the Okanagan last Friday instead and c) I do plan to go to my PhD convocation (come on! you get to wear the poofy hat and garish outfit! of course I’m going to that!), so you know, I think that’ll cover it.

Anyhow, when I saw Debbie’s comic this morning and went “Hey! That’s what I did! For reals! It’s even in my TC bio!” (which I guess I need to update now) I knew I had to write this post so I could share the comic.

Blog writerP.S. I do finally have the hard copy of my thesis, but it’s not online yet. !!!

*Actually a trimester. No idea why they call them semesters. (From uni website: “The University operates on a trimester basis with three semesters…” ?!?)

Calvin and Hobbes

Interview (sort of) w/ Bill Watterson

I used to love the comics. I was a newspaper junkie & I read all the strips (even the ones I hated) every day. (Family Circus was like the brussels sprouts, C&H the dessert. I had to choke down FC first, then I could savor C&H, which I saved for last. I know, I’m weird.) Now…

Is it just me or have the comics sort of lost it over the last decade or so? There aren’t any that I’m addicted to (or even interested in) the way I was with C&H or The Far Side. I used to like FBoFW, but it jumped the shark a long time ago, IMO.

Anyhow. Calvin & Hobbes. My favorite comic strip ever. I could draw both C & H perfectly (I have a weird, useless talent for artistic mimicry — too bad there isn’t a market for that the way there is for Elvis impersonators!). I have, tucked away, the C&H T-shirt I made (with “98lbs of Trouble” on the back). Total copyright infringement, but I didn’t think about that at the time. It was an homage!