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Those who stay and those who leave

During the panel “The Art of the Novel” on Sunday, novelist Susan Straight said that while writing her new book she learned there were two types of people: those who stay and those who leave. … Straight’s novel portrays characters who migrate back and forth between California and Louisiana, in efforts to escape the past and find a future.

Chris Daley

Portable Things

I find [a] portable existence often quite enjoyable, (even though it exists in opposition to my need for a permanent home). I have always been drawn to (read: obsessed with) portable things, campers, suitcases, compact living spaces, yurts, teepees, etc. So I suppose it fulfills something in me that yearns for a kind of “lightness”, spontaneity, and adventure (living in the unknown). And I’m fascinated with how it actually helps and impacts my books in many ways. The work becomes influenced by the randomness of the location indirectly.

Keri Smith

A profound connection to more than one place

I think we need a better way of thinking about citizenship and what it means. I see no reason why a person must be limited to either being Canadian or Haitian – an individual is capable of having a profound connection to more than one place. Perhaps the world would be a more tolerant and peaceful place if all people were connected to many different communities rather than feeling one nation had to be prioritized over all others.

Evelyn Miller

(in comments on Globe & Mail story)