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Writing is my thing

[W]riting is my thing.  When it is all said and done, I want to write.  There was a panel at BlogHer where International Activists spoke about their writing and my heart charged with inspiration and what I write has never been as noble, will never be as potent, but I was reminded that I do have a voice and I can use it for good.  I’m feeling inspired.

Kristin Darguzas


Never Intended

I learned that the subject of one of my posts from last week wasn’t too happy I wrote about her.

I never intended for her to read it.  I neglect this blog so badly that my readership has slipped from 5000 thousand readers a day to maybe 1000.  In the grand scheme, 1000 is nothing.  But one of you 1000 knew who I was talking about felt compelled to send her a note to tell her about that entry, to stir the pot I’d put on the stove.

I took it down.  I probably shouldn’t have written it…

Kristin Darguzas