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My reading time would just feel like work time

I don’t have an electronic reader, or whatever those are called. I’m still old school and I like holding the pages. Also, I look at a computer screen and a blackberry all f-cking day. I need some separation from that, and I feel like if I were to read off one of those future readers, my reading time would just feel like work time. So I’m a relic.

Lainey Lui



Laughing at you laughing

I used to love it when Jimmy Fallon would lose it the moment he made eye contact with Will Ferrell. Or Will with Darrell. Or during any given skit, someone else coming unglued cause they just couldn’t contain their own laughter. At times it used to seem like they were purposely trying to screw each other up just so they’d laugh.  …  So SNL folks…if you’re listening…can you go out and try to f-ck each other up next week? I love laughing at you laughing.

Jacek @ LaineyGossip

I know some see this as a sign of bad acting, but watching people (try not to) laugh at their own jokes cracks me up.