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Mini-Nano Challenge – Day 30

And… my mini-nano SFD is complete. Just wrote THE END.

Mini-Nano Winner!

It really is a SFD. Amongst other things, the pacing is terrible. It was super slow until I realized I only had x days left, then I sped up so I’d get to the end in time. But! The good news is I realized where the end should be fairly early on so I did have a specific place I was aiming for—and I got there. Yay.

Final word count: 7,653 words! That’s an average of 255 words a day.

Going to continue with the 250 words a day goal for October 🙂


Mini-Nano Challenge – Day 1

And we’re off!

The Mini-Nano Challenge is to write 5,000 words in 30 days (or 167 words per day). It’s 1/10th of NaNoWriMo. Easy-peasy, right? Well, word-count-wise, anyway. My personal goal is to actually write a complete story, as opposed to just writing 5,000 words of… something bigger… that I just abandon like an unfinished freeway on the 30th. Hmm, I just thought of that, but yes. That’s what my fiction writing is like. Unfinished freeways. I need to build more side-roads.

Anyway. Today’s word count: 180 words.