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Merry Solstice

Winter Solstice 2012

Because holiday cards shouldn’t take themselves too seriously 😉


Giant Inflatable Beavers

I saw this at So Anyway…

Share ten absurdly true things about yourself.

  1. When was a kid I hated cola, mustard, and cheddar cheese.
  2. In elementary school I’d always end my stories when I got to the bottom of the page, i.e. a story could be one full page or two full pages, etc. but not 1 1/2 pages or 2 1/4 pages.
  3. As a child I wondered (but did not investigate) why children in British novels were allowed to run around with flaming sticks. I was very disappointed when I eventually found out that their “torches” were just flashlights.
  4. I also didn’t figure out that “jumper” in British-English meant sweater until standing in the kitchen of a hostel in Australia with some dude who was talking about how he was cold so he put on an extra jumper. If my life were animated, a giant lightbulb would have appeared over my head at that moment.
  5. Until I was 16 or so, people often thought I was a boy. More specifically, they thought I was my little brother’s little brother.
  6. When I was in grade 9, I got the school medal for the Pascal Contest. They gave it me at the end-of-year awards assembly with like, everyone and their parents there. I was so embarrassed. (While I secretly liked being a math nerd, I didn’t want it advertised, ya know?)
  7. People often come up too close to my face (think: the close-talker) and ask if I wear colored/novelty contacts.  (Answer: No.)
  8. I can’t remember any French except for random words and French for Dummies sentences like  “Je ne comprende pas.”  It makes me sad because now there are lots of things I’d like to be able to read in French.
  9. I converted all my old cassettes to mp3s, thus preserving for all time! the quality 😉 only overplayed 20+-year-old cassettes can have.
  10. I am wearing a beaver hat. I think this means I am officially a collector of beaver stuff  (I blame Bellman & Baker; they started it ;-)). I am also a tweeter of beaver news (see #theelusivebeaver).

Hey, look! Giant Inflatable Beavers! And they’re trending!

Credit: Monkey See