Not Dead Yet

So as you can see, I’m not dead yet (TM Monty Python), even though you might have suspected it was so from my lack of posting. I just lost the urge to post random meanderings.

I’ve been thinking about the blogs I like and how most of them focus on something, be it law or writing or pop culture or whatever. And I was also thinking about how I’ve always been a pretty lame journaler. The “write whenever” model just doesn’t work for me. It ends up being, in practice, the “write when you feel guilty for not writing” model. And that’s no fun.

I need structure. A plan, a goal, a deadline. Something. Some kind of carrot. There doesn’t have to be a huge reward involved or anything. It seems like if I decide I’m going to do something, then I do it. “It” just needs some concreteness about it. I mean, I did NaNoWriMo last November, all 50 thousand words of it. When I decided I was going to do the Sun Run, I didn’t miss a single training session from January – April. Etcetera. I have stick-to-it-iveness.

So, I’d like to structure this blog more like a column–which maybe is not properly bloggy, but if it gets me writing, so what–have a goal of writing a set number of words on a set day (or days) of the week on a set subject. My dilemma, what I’ve been mulling over, is what my focus should be. So far I’ve eliminated:
*law (other people do that much better than I ever could)
*writing about writing (save that for TC)
*posting fiction excerpts / writing about fiction projects (kills my momentum)
*random meanderings (zzzzz. I’d like there to be a point…)

A few ideas I haven’t yet tossed: a memoir-y type thing. This is something I’ve wanted to do, and getting bits & pieces down would help sort out the theme, I think. I do feel a bit squishy about doing something like that, but I suppose I have to get over myself at some point. Or I could trade squishy-ness for dullness and do something dry & intellectual with the links in my Bloglines clippings folder. And then there are the miscellania: books, running, food, TV, that sort of stuff. Hmm. So much fodder, so little time…