One of the better “suggestions for writers” lists that I’ve seen: Being Able to Write: Lessons from Other Writers, New and Well-Seasoned.

As always, I need to work on numbers 3, 9, and 14:

3. Schedule your writing.
9. Always carry a writing notebook.
14. Send out your best work, and send it out religiously.


This post on lit mags made me wonder how many writers read literary journals/magazines.

I wonder how it is that such amazing work is left to collect dust in the few bookstores that carry them, or kept insulated in the academic world. If books are the showy muscles of the literary world, then journals are the blood: hidden, self-renewing, and essential.

Since we started TC, I don’t spend near as much time reading other literary journals as I used to. We keep talking about reviving Conundrums to Guess and journal reviews was one of the ideas. It would be a good exercise to read one journal a month and review it. Would be great if a bunch of TCers did this. Perhaps a use for the wiki Bellman was testing?


Check out Debbie Ohi’s new comic: Will Write for Chocolate 🙂