10: Anonymous Lawyer

Anonymous Lawyer by Jeremy Blachman

Anonymous Lawyer

I started reading Jeremy’s eponymous law school blog sometime in 2003. It was one of only two law school blogs that I read to the very end (the other was Sua Sponte). The two blogs were pretty much polar opposites. JCA at Sua Sponte was serious, earnest, ever-stressed. Jeremy was funny, irreverent, and seemingly unfazed by anything. His was the law school blog I wish I could have written.

In 2004, Jeremy started writing the Anonymous Lawyer blog, anonymously. I read it for a while (I don’t remember where I saw the link–I was reading a lot of law blogs at the time). There was a lot of speculation in the comments as to who Anonymous Lawyer was. A lot of people thought AL was a real person (despite the “fictional” disclaimer). I thought that the writer was a law student (based on the content). It had that “just enough knowledge” feel, you know? It was funny, but after a while, the schtick got a bit repetitive and I stopped reading it. A few months later, there was an article in the NY Times “outing” Jeremy as the writer behind AL. I wasn’t surprised.

Fast forward: Jeremy gets a book deal, graduates, passes the bar (even though he didn’t study, or so he claims), writes book. Book is published. Book signings ‘n’ stuff. Book is optioned. Jeremy goes to LA to work on pilot. etc. etc.

So, right, the book. Well, it’s been out for a while, but I waited for the paperback. I really bought it because of Jeremy’s personal blog, not the AL blog. I think AL the book is better than AL the blog. It has a plot. It’s funny. And it’s just long enough. It’s a fluffy, quick read. I think it could make a funny TV series. I’d watch. The pilot, at least 😉