A Midsummer Tale!

Guess I should remember to publicize my own contest. 😉

AMT is a creative non-fiction contest. Please, resist the urge to make up crap and call it non-fiction. I know it’s hard, Margaret B. Jones, but you can do it! As per usual, the word limit is 3k, and stories must take place in the summer. This year’s theme is:

The theme of the June 2008 A Midsummer Tale contest is: Snapshots. Photographs can trigger memories of events you thought you had forgotten. Has it been a while since you’ve looked at the dusty albums or boxes that hold your family photos? This year’s AMT contest is a chance for you to dig through your yellowing snapshots and reminisce. Choose one old photo and write about the events surrounding it.

Official announcement here. General contest rules. And the AMT specifics.

Now go tell me a story!