The real problem is the middle.

I’m working hard to revise my new novel, THE SILVER GIRL. I am having all kinds of trouble with the end. As I always tell my students, a problem with the end is a symptom. The real problem is the middle. Once you get the middle right, the end will show itself to you.

Tayari Jones

2 thoughts on “The real problem is the middle.

  1. ana


    I’ve also heard it described as a tetris game that you’re about to lose, trying to get all those pieces to fit together in not that many more pages.

    1. Theryn Post author

      That’s an interesting analogy. The more you screw up, the less room you have to maneuver—but! if you can get something to fit! Suddenly, you have space again.

      Hmm. Now I want to play Tetris.

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