16: Not in the Flesh

Not in the Flesh by Ruth Rendell

This was also from the library book sale. Yes, I read two Ruth Rendells in a row. Mysteries are just so cozy and comforting. Even with all the dead bodies 😉

Not in the Flesh had a weird juxtaposition with An Unkindness of Ravens. AUoR was all about typewriters; NitF was all about computers! As in, transferring records to them, getting used to using them, etc. Just kind of funny.

This was also an Inspector Wexford mystery, so had many of the same characters from AUoR. The main plot involves the finding of two long-dead bodies (not at the same time. first one, then later the other). Despite a large cast of quirky characters, the plot in this one wasn’t that difficult to figure out.

There was also a side plot about Somali immigrants and female genital mutilation, but unlike the social  issue in AUoR (feminism), which was integrated into the plot, this wasn’t tied into the main plot at all as far as I could see.