Fall 2012 – Week 4

What I did this week:

  • Fixed up WorldCat lists (here + here), made public, added links to research page.
  • Scanned 1 chapter (I found another book), printed 6 chapters.
  • Hole-punched everything printed so far and put in binder.
  • [redacted]
  • Tidied up Zotero, sorted research by type, added to Scrivener project.
  • Researched Scrivener/Zotero integration.
  • Integrated template into Scrivener file, organized project (so many levels!).
  • Took out 6 books from library.
  • Bought supply printer paper + ink.
  • Am all ready for some power data-gathering!

I think I’ve also successfully reformed my blog-reading habits (it’s been a month). I sorted all my feeds into 3 categories: news & pop culture (skim a couple times a day), books/reading/writing (read once a day) and everything else (aka the fun feeds, which I’ve been saving for the weekend and reading all at once — like reading the Sunday newspaper. love!). So far, so good. Yay for productivity!