I may be slow but at least I make it to the finish line by my own two feet

Clicked on this article this morning…

For true distance runners, to lie about time or distance is to lie to ourselves, to diminish the importance of the many sacrifices we make to reach the starting line. Focus and discipline form the core of a runner’s being; they are what make us put on a reflective vest and run six miles into the sleet at 6 on a dark winter morning.

…which led me to this long and fascinating article. Long read, but whoa:

West Wyoming was Litton’s pièce de résistance, and even his most indignant accusers had to concede their perverse admiration. In this race, the key to winning was ingeniously uncomplicated: Make the whole thing up! For his fabricated marathon, Litton had assembled not only a Web site but also a list of finishers and their times (plus name, age, gender, and home town), and created a phantom race director, who responded to e-mail queries.



2 thoughts on “I may be slow but at least I make it to the finish line by my own two feet

  1. kingmidget

    The Paul Ryan lie is fascinating to me. It’s not like he was off simply by an hour … something could possibly be explained by the years that have rolled by. He was off by one hour and eleven minutes, which to me means he was simply making it up in an effort to say something about himself. Not sure what that something is, but, well, it’s one more reason to not vote for the Republican ticket. 🙂

    1. Theryn Post author

      As I tweeted, runners remember their PBs, especially when they are so close to an x:59 time. There is no way he forgot his 4:01. Also, it’s not like “two-fifty-something” was pulled out of a hat — he clearly knew sub-3 was a fast time for a non-elite runner. So yeah, he was totally making it up and not expecting anyone to call him on it. Which? hahaha. Clearly he hasn’t spend enough time on sports forums 😉

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