in 2015

I resolve to…

  • figure out how to buy jeans I can wear longer than 15 minutes without being able to take them off like they’re sweatpants (why do they stretch so much? how am I supposed to know what size to buy if fitting room fit =/= real life fit? #thingsishouldhavefiguredoutbynow)
  • subtweet more (the witty kind, obvs.)
  • get a new phone so I can annoy people with emojis

4 thoughts on “in 2015

    1. Theryn Post author

      I know, right? It’s so annoying. My current favorite jeans are not actually denim. Maybe that’s the real answer.

  1. kingmidget

    I share your frustration with jeans. A couple of months ago, when I went for an eight mile hike with my mom and brother, I didn’t think I would need a belt. By the time we got back to our car, I felt like a teenager wearing his jeans around his knees.

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